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Outdoor Swimming Pool

Designed and Build

When our client first considered owning a swimming pool, we had to face a number of decisions. Our client picked out the best place for the swimming pool, so they can enjoy and relax in the sun during the summer. The next thing we had to do was to decide on the size and type of construction for the swimming pool to make sure it was appropriate for our lovely location. We worked closely with our client, discussed the concept and agreed every detail of the project to make sure the swimming pool was built to their exact wishes and preferences. We removed the soil using a 360 digger and removed the soil from site using grab lorries, the foundation was then poured for the pool and plantroom.

Outdoor Swimming Pool photo
Outdoor Swimming Pool photo
Outdoor Swimming Pool photo
Progress of works  photo 1
Progress of works  photo 2
Progress of works  photo 3

Progress of works

At that time, in conjunction with S.A.S pools who positioned and installed all the pool pipework, we built the pool walls, concreated the floor and when near the finishing stage fitted the fibreglass. The stone was lair around the swimming pool as per client’s idea.The deepest point of the swimming pool is 2.4m, it comes to the shallower depth at one of the sides with steps going right across the shallow end of the pool for ease of getting in and out of the water and a great place to site and relax in the sun. 

Bricks, stone work, fireplace spot

The brick walls, pillars and plants around the swimming pool gives a sense of privacy. The client designed walls and pillars using mix of bricks and stone giving a beautiful effect. We also built a changing room adjacent to the swimming pool and the charming open fireplace on the opposite side enabling our client or his guests to easily prepare to swim or when the wheatear is cold to relax by the fireside and admire the garden and pool. During the build, our project manager conducted meetings giving the client updates on the project, opportunity to ask questions, make choices on the finer details and ensure that our client was informed well at every stage. 

Bricks, stone work, fireplace spot photo
Bricks, stone work, fireplace spot photo 2
Bricks, stone work, fireplace spot photo 3

The classic rectangle shape is always a good choice for those that want a serious swim and the best shape to fit an automatic walk on cover It’s an important consideration when you have trees lined up by the pool. The installation includes a high efficiency and environmentally friendly heating system, LED lighting, filtration system and automatic pool cleaner all running in conjunction with automatic chemical dosing controlled by a bespoke control panel.


As a company we Kinash Ltd fully believe in client’s satisfaction, and feel we strive every day to deliver this to the highest of expectations, on this project as on others in the past we worked closely with the swimming pool maintenance company S.A.S Pools who we feel has the same ethos as ourselves. The project was completed on the time and far exceeded our client’s expectations, thus allowing them peace of mind with the opportunity to enjoy their swimming pool through the summer.


Conclusion  photo
Conclusion  photo 1